The Crom Ride is a circular route with departure and arrival in Girona, which consists of several sections with 6 Pass Controls so that you can stamp the Pass Card that we will give you with your registration. This route will be made with the roads open to traffic, so it will always be necessary to respect traffic rules. It is important to note that the Crom Ride is not a race so there will be no qualifying or prizes of any kind. The itinerary is suggested, so you can choose the route that suits you best for your taste or level.

Participants who complete their Pass Passport stamps will receive a finisher gift.


The Crom Ride is open to the participation of motorcyclists of all ages and levels who have the driving license of the motorcycle with which they will participate. Participation can be individual or group regardless of the level of each participant.

Participants under the age of 18 must present an authorization from their parent or guardian in order to participate in the Crom Ride.

Companions do not need to have a driver’s license.

Without being mandatory, we recommend that pilots be properly equipped according to the current traffic code. (Jacket / Pants, frog, gloves and boots). Helmet use is required.

We recommend that you check the weather forecast a day or two before departure to see if you need warm or rain clothes.

Motorcycles must be registered and must have current insurance and up-to-date ITV. There is no restriction on engine displacement or type of motorcycle, including electric motorcycles. They must be ride only by the participant who has registered. Motorcycles must travel on their own, restricting the transport of the motorcycle by other vehicles.

It is absolutely mandatory to follow and respect the traffic rules in accordance with the current traffic code and with special attention when passing inhabited areas.

To participate, you must register using the registration form in the “Registration” section. Payment can also be made through our website by credit card or PayPal after completing the form.

The organization may limit the number of registrants and close registrations at its own discretion to ensure a positive experience for all participants. We recommend that you look at the Terms and Conditions as well as the disclaimer you will find before completing the registration process.



  • Rider 65€
  • Pillion 35€


  • Identification numbers and sticker kits.
  • Pass Passport
  • Welcome gift
  • Breakfast on the day of the event
  • Dinner on the day of the event
  • Finisher gift
  • 21% VAT

Does not include:

  • All items not specified as included.


Administrative checks and the delivery of numbers will be done on Friday June 30th at the Girona-Fontajau Pavilion.

There will be no pre-departure technical verification.

The material we deliver will include a sticker sheet with the numbers and Passport Card (to seal all Passage Controls) and a welcome gift, among others. In addition, if you have gone through all the controls and have not forgotten to seal any of them, when you return to Girona you will receive another gift.

The Pass Card is personal and numbered with your participant number. This Passport will accredit your passage through all the Passage Controls that have been established along the route. The Pass Card with all the stamps will be essential to receive the finisher’s gift.

The sticker should be placed in a visible place on the bike, preferably on the front. The participant numbers will be strictly subject to the order of registration, we cannot deliver specific numbers on request.


We will talk about the route and the different sections, we will give instructions so that no one miss the different Passage Controls and we will review the procedure and the peculiarities of the Crom Ride. It will be time to make some recommendations and resolve any questions that may arise.

The organization recommends viewing the briefing


Both departure and arrival will be at the Girona-Fontajau Pavilion.

Departures are scheduled to begin on Saturday from 6 AM to approximately 8 AM. Participants will leave in batches at the discretion of the organization. The order of departure will be determined by the order of registration. If you are not ready for your turn, you will come out in the next free slot. Motorcycles up to 125cc have priority at the start and are reserved first places in the time slots. Press bikes can choose the time of departure according to their informative criteria.


With the collaboration of the Girona Tourist Board and the local tourist offices, we have established Pass Controls where participants will have to stamp their Pass Card. They will be available during scheduled time slots based on the estimated speed in each section and the departure times. Pass Controls are located in the highest category places in the province, will feature Crom Ride equipment and will be located in visible places.

The recommended route that we will send you, and that you can purchase in Roadbook format on our website, is an itinerary with high landscape value that the organization suggests thanks to the very nature of the Crom Ride. Under no circumstances is this route mandatory as long as all Passage Controls will be sealed in. The roads used to complete the Passport may be at the discretion of each participant, although we recommend following the route provided by the organization.

The Crom Ride is estimated to last approximately 10 hours, including stops to fill the tank and charge energy. We expect the first participant to finish around 4 PM and the last around 10 PM. There is no maximum time to complete the route as long as you take into account the schedules of the Controls and that the last Control of Passage in the Village of Fontajau closes at 11 PM.

If you do not complete the route, you must inform the organization. You will have all the contact telephone numbers in the Passport Card.

As the date of the Crom Ride approaches, we will keep you informed of the itinerary, the different checkpoints, the opening hours of the Passage Controls and the distance between them. All this information will also be sent by e-mail to those who are already registered.

We at the organization want a safe Crom Ride and for this reason we ask that you do the tour according to the established schedules.

So that you can prepare your route well, the Crom Ride offers its participants two options to go through their proposal: if you are more aware of the technology and use a GPS navigator, we will send you the tracks in .gpx format so you can upload them to your device. If you are older than school, you can buy a Paper Roadbook by Vectornote for € 15 directly when you register.


You will have no trouble finding a gas station when you need to fill the tank. If you expect to end up late, keep in mind that many gas stations close at 10PM.


We know you’ll love having a good action and roadmap photo of your bike made by professional staff and materials. The Crom Ride will feature a team of photographers located in the best spots along the route.

During the departure briefing, we will indicate the location of the spots where the photographers will be located. After the Crom Ride, you will have them available for download from our website and / or our Facebook page.


All participants must be respectful of the other participants, the organization, the public, the press and the environment.

The organization reserves the right to modify any of the points on this website with subsequent individual notification to registrants and publicly on the social networks of the Crom Ride.

Registration for the Crom Ride implies acceptance of the Terms and Conditions as well as disclaimer. In case of doubt, the Catalan version will prevail.


All information will be updated on the official Crom Ride website and on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.

You can contact the organization by calling  +34 619 565 289, or by sending an email to

We encourage you to visit the FAQ section.