With the collaboration of the Patronat de Turisme de Costa Brava Girona and the local tourist offices, we have established Checkpoints where participants will have to stamp their Pass Card. They will be available during scheduled time slots based on the estimated speed in each section and the departure times. Passage Controls are located in the highest places in the province. Pass Controls will feature Crom Ride equipment and will be located in visible places.

The recommended route that we will send you, and that you can purchase in Roadbook format on our website, is an itinerary with high landscape value that the organization suggests thanks to the very nature of the Crom Ride. Under no circumstances is this route mandatory, as long as all Check Controls are sealed. The roads used to complete the Passport are at the discretion of each participant.

The Crom Ride is estimated to last approximately 10 hours, including stops to fill the tank and charge energy. We expect the first participant to finish around 4pm and the last around 10pm. There is no maximum time to complete the route as long as you take into account the check-in times and that the last check-in at the  Fontajau Village will close at 23:00 on the same Saturday.

If you do not complete the route, you must inform the organization. You will have all the contact telephone numbers in the Passport Card.


As the date of the Crom Ride approaches, we will keep you informed of the itinerary, the different checkpoints, the opening hours of the checkpoints and the distance between them. All this information will also be emailed to those who are already registered.

We at the organization want a safe Crom Ride and for this reason we ask that you do the tour according to the established schedules.