What is the Crom Ride?

The Crom Ride is a non-competitive route with an important tourist and driving pleasure ingredient. The aim is to share the route with the friends you meet and get the most out of the roads, the landscapes of Girona, its villages and your motorbikes.

What level of riding is required?

The Crom Ride is an activity open to anyone who wants to take part, regardless of riding level. Given the non-competitive nature of the Crom Ride, a calm and responsible driving attitude is recommended, which ensures that you enjoy the roads and scenery of the Crom Ride, enjoying every moment, and in no hurry to get there.

Can you participate in any type of motorcycle?

As long as you feel comfortable and consider it suitable for such a ride, all bikes are allowed. Each participant is responsible for their motorcycle, and consequently, that it complies with the Traffic Regulations, has the current ITV and the insurance in force.

What kind of roads can we expect?

The route is all on asphalt. You’ll find a good combination of winding roads with more open roads. The route is on public roads: participants must be cautious, supportive and respectful of the Traffic Rules.

What can I do to stay up to date?

The official channel is the website but you can follow all the news through our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.

I'm not from Girona, is there accommodation near the start?

Yes, in the “Accommodation” section you will find the hotels that offer discounts for participants in the Crom Ride.

If it’s not competitive, why are there checks and bibs?

The purpose is of an administrative nature, to be able to control and monitor participation and comply with the requirements when carrying out procedures, requesting permission from the authorities, etc.

Will it be canceled in case of rain?

Departure will not be suspended in case of rain. Check through the web the weather conditions of the Costa Brava and Girona Pyrenees, especially for the Pyrenees area. You’re a biker, bring a raincoat just in case, and go on!


When can I register?

Registrations will be open from April 14th until June 4th 2023.

What happens if I sign up and the Crom Ride is cancelled?

In the event that a decision is made to cancel the Crom Ride for safety and health reasons, all those who have registered will be refunded in full the amount of the registration on the days following the cancellation.

How will the administrative checks and number collection be done?

Administrative checks and the delivery of bib numbers will be adapted to the circumstances we are experiencing: we will establish time slots to verify and collect the bib number according to the bib number. As the departure date approaches, we will send you an email with the relevant information.

What does registration include?

The material we deliver will include a sticker sheet with the numbers and the Pass Card (to seal all the Checkpoints), breakfast and dinner on the day of departure and a welcome gift. In addition, if you have gone through all the Controls and have not forgotten to seal any of them, when you return to Girona you will receive another gift. You can also download the departure and arrival photos from our website and / or our Facebook page.

Are there lunches and refreshments along the way?

Breakfast on departure and dinner on arrival are included. Other meals no. Each participant is free to decide where to stop for lunch according to their chosen route preferences and pace. When passing through sights and tourist attractions, there is a wide range of dining options along the route.

How do I sign up for the Crom Ride?

Using the registration form in the “Registrations” section. Payment can also be made through our website by credit card or PayPal after completing the form.

How do I know if I have registered correctly?

Once you have made the payment, you will receive an email confirming your registration with your bib number.

Can I sign up for a group?

Yes, you can add other participants when you register.

Can I change the information once the form has been submitted?

Contact us by phone at +34 619 565 289 or by e-mail at to make any changes to your details. The only thing that can’t be changed is the bib number and, consequently, the time of departure that you have assigned.

Is there a registration limit?

The organization may limit the number of registrants and close registrations for security or at its own discretion to ensure a positive experience for all participants.

Do I have to come in person for administrative checks?

Yes, checks will be done Friday 30th June at Fontajau (girona), but in the event that you can and cannot attend the checks in person, you can delegate the collection to a colleague with prior notice to the organization. For special cases, please contact us by phone at +34 619 565 289 or by e-mail at

We will keep you informed on our website and on our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages about the administrative verification and bib collection procedure.

Can I register my partner after I have registered?

Yes, contact us by phone at +34 972 36 54 12 or by e-mail at

I signed up for the Crom Ride, made the payment, and will not be able to attend. What about my registration?

You have two options:

  • Assign your place to another person. If you find someone who wants to participate we can make a name change at no cost (before 10th June)
  • We will refund 50€ if you decide to cancel your participation before 10th June
What do I do if my friends sign up after me and we want to go together?

Departures will be ordered by bib number. However, with the Checkpoints having a very wide opening margin, if you choose to go with someone who has signed up later, you can wait for them having a coffee somewhere at the first stretch and continue together from there.

Why do companions have to pay?

The companion fee is 35€ for expenses, gifts and meals included in the general registration.


What is a Checkpoint?

A Checkpoint is a stop between two sections of the route where you can stamp the Passport that we will give you with the registration, so that you can prove that you have completed the route of the Crom Ride.

How do Checkpoints work?

Approach the control table, hand over the Passport to one of the people in charge and once you have the stamp, you can continue your route!

We recommend parking the bike properly and not obstructing the usual traffic, leaving room for other teammates. Please note that the route is carried out on roads and spaces open to the public and that traffic rules must be observed at all times. In some Checkponts we may have spaces reserved for us, in case these spaces were already full, it is your responsibility to find a suitable space to park your bike.

Is it important to comply with the schedule of Checkpoints?

While the Checkpoints are open, it is possible to stamp the Passport. All controls will remain open within the hours set by the organization. These schedules will be posted on the web in the “Itinerary and Controls” section one week before the Crom Ride. If you arrive earlier, you will have to wait for them to open, and if you arrive later, you will lose the opportunity to seal. Opening and closing times must be respected if you want to guarantee the stamp on your Passport.

Is it mandatory to go through all the Checkpoints?

It is mandatory to go through all the Checkpoints to stamp the Passport. If you do not have a Checkpoint stamp on your card, you will not be able to prove that you have completed the itinerary and it will also cause you to lose the right to a finisher’s gift.

How do we know the exact locations of Checkpoints?

We will publish the locations before closing registrations, you will also find them marked on the tracks and in the Roadbook. They will be located in a visible and easily recognizable place because they will be perfectly identified.

What happens if I lose my Passport?

Loss of your Crom Ride Passport will result in the withdrawal of the event, and as a result, you will not be able to obtain your finisher’s gift as you will not be able to prove that you have completed the course.


Is the route mandatory?

No. We propose a route of high landscape value, but at the discretion of each participant, different roads can be used according to your preferences or level of driving, as long as the timetables of the Checkpoints are taken into account.

When will the route and checkpoints timetables be published?

All details regarding the Crom Ride will be publiched, once registrations are closed, on the web and on social media.

Is there a minimum or maximum time to complete the itinerary?

Driving time is limited by the opening and closing times of each of the Checkpoints. For these times, an average speed has been calculated within the legal limits. There will be no Checkpoints open before opening time and after closing time, so if you arrive at a Checkpoint outside of the established hours, you will lose the opportunity to seal them. The Checkpoints will be open for an additional hour on the estimated time for the arrival of the last participant who has left Girona.

What is the estimated time to complete the route?

The estimated time to complete the entire route is 10 hours, including stops to fill the tank, lunch, etc. It also gives you time to make some coffee and take pictures. But yes, you can’t fall asleep…

How long is the route?

The route will be approximately >500 km long. You will find the distance of this year’s route when the route is published.

What if I decide not to complete the route or do I have to give up?

In case of abandonment or major cause, send a WhatsApp to the numbers of the organization to let us know that you are leaving the route, or call for help if necessary. You will find the telephone numbers printed on the Passport. If you do not complete the test, even if you decide not to go through any of the Checkpoints, you can always cut and continue enjoying the route we have prepared. This route is for you to enjoy, if you are tired or unwell, you should not continue.


Where does the route start from?

Start and arrival will be from the Girona-Fontajau Pavilion. It is central and very easily accessible.

PAVELLÓ MUNICIPAL GIRONA – FONTAJAU Av. Josep Tarradellas i Joan, 22-24 17007 Girona

What is the order of departure?

Each scheduled departure time will be posted on the web one week before the Crom Ride. In case of people arriving late at the departure, outside their scheduled time, they will line up and start in the first available slot.

What should we do before we start?

We recommend that you arrive at the Fontajau car park at least 30 minutes before your departure within the allotted time slot, so that you can have breakfast and be ready and equipped to seal your  Crom Ride Passport before taking the start. There will be staff from the organization who will tell you when to start and who you can also contact if you have any questions.

What happens if I arrive late for departure?

Respect the allotted time slot for your departure as accurately as possible. If you arrive late, you will have to wait for another available time slot after the other participants have left.

Where is the arrival?

Start and arrival will be from the Girona-Fontajau Pavilion. It is central and very easily accessible.

PAVELLÓ MUNICIPAL GIRONA – FONTAJAU Av. Josep Tarradellas i Joan, 22-24 17007 Girona

What should we do when we arrive in Girona after finishing the route?

On arrival, you will find the last Checkpoints, where you will need to stamp your Passport and it will be verified that you have all the previous checks passed and sealed. Take your photo of your arrival and seal and pick up your finisher gift.